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    When you host an event, you give us an opportunity to meet more people.  Reaching as many people as we can in a few short months to get our message out is imperative.  

     What is involved?  All you have to do is provide a place and invite your friends.  We'll take care of water and snacks.    

   Do we have to be inside your home?  Absolutely not.  We can just as easily have a gathering on your lawn. The most important element here is that you invite your  friends!  

     How  long will it last?  We estimate these events to last one to two hours.  We just want to have time for Lee to speak personally with every person who wants to speak to him.  


      We always need and want volunteers to help us get our message out.  This campaign will involve a lot of events across all four counties.  We need help handing out materials, reaching out to others to have house gatherings or other events, help register voters, etc.  We'll throw in your very own cool campaign t-shirt!  


      We would love to bring a sign to place in your yard.  All you have to do is let us know.  We'll deliver and place it for you!  We'll pick it up after the election unless you'd like to have a souvenir of our adventure.  Of course you're always welcome to keep it!  


  Campaigns are expensive.  Campaigns that involve multiple counties are even more expensive.  There are costs involved including printing materials, advertising, travel, food for events, etc.  Please consider making a donation to our campaign.  Anyone from anywhere can donate. You do not have to be from one of our voting district, or even from our state, to make a donation.   

 No amount is too small.  However, there is a cap of $1,600 per individual.  Please  know that we are required to report certain information along with your donation such as your occupation and employer.  While we're not fans of this, it is required by state law.   

  Any unused campaign donations will be split and donated to organizations that benefit local veterans and law enforcement officers.  

Maury County Election Commission

1207 A Tradewinds Dr

Columbia, TN 38401

(931) 375-6001

Administrator Brandi Cothron

Giles County Election Commission

222 W. Madison St.

Pulaski, TN 38478

(931) 363-2424

Administrator Zena Dickey

Lawrence County Election Commission

219 Centennial Blvd

Lawrenceburg, TN 38464

(931) 762-7836

Administrator Tanya White

Wayne County Election Commission

100 Circle Ct, Room 201

Waynesboro, TN 38485

(931) 722-3517

Administrator Lille Brewer

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